Chintu Kampamba and boss Sven Vandenbroeck

A number of soccer fans were impressed with the performance of Chipolopolo boys against Guinea Bissau.
Zambian Fans

Let us unveil the tactical approach of the Belgium Coach. He still went with his preferred 1-4-3-3 formation but tinkered with it by moving from a 1-4-(2-1-)(1-2)he used against Namibia to a 1-4-(1-2)(-2-1) which meant an extra man in attack from 6 to 7.
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In the midfield, he simply turned the triangle to shift the pivot higher than in Namibia. He also gave a free role to Mwepu with Cletus providing cover depending on Mwepu’s position.

Upfront, the team played with a force 9 as Shonga is not an out and out striker and one of his main job was to draw out defenders and create space for other players to bomb forward.

This formation requires efficient in possession and transition and the team showed great improvement in the two areas. The team was able to win back the ball quicker that before.

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The effectiveness of this formation is to get the ball to the wide attacking midfielders in order to complete the attacking cycle with crosses and that happened on many occasions.

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But the team did not play without concerns. The inability to score from full chances and scores from half chances.

With what we saw on Wednesday, Chipolopolo can become one of the best on the continent but it will call for us to embrace the tactical and technical demands of the coach.

Chipolopolo technical bench

There was a lot of concern with the substitutions but in football you are safer leading by a a goal to nil than 2-0 and your opponents pull one back.In most cases there is a high possibility of a draw or a the team that was leading sometimes end up losing. So it was normal for coach to start defending.

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Stay blessed.

*Iva Lengwe Mumba*

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