Kamanga lifts COSAFA trophy
FAZ General Secretary Adrian Adry Kashman Kashala says reports filed by Simataa Simataa to FIFA Ethics Committee are fictious meant only to embarrass president Andrew Kamanga.

On the allegation of “embezzlement” where FAZ president Andrew Kamanga through his company paid $38,000 for air tickets to enable the Zambia Under-17 participate in the Under-17 COSAFA Championship in Mauritius (when FAZ had no money) and later claimed it back at no interest, Kashala told the Times of Zambia: “Even when he talks about lending the association money and receiving it back.

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FAZ boss Andrew Kamanga and FIFA President Infantino
The procedure was followed and (FAZ president Kamanga) meant well to finance the national team travel to fulfil an international assignment (the team won the COSAFA Under-17 championship for the first time in the history of Zambian football),” Kashala said.

On the CAF nomination allegation, Kashala said the FAZ president had powers to do so under Section 39 of the FAZ constitution and therefore there was no offence.

He said that the alleged bill for paying for friends was not true as people had forged accommodation receipts (the same matter is before the courts where Kamanga has sued his accusers for defamation of character).

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Kashala said it was not the first time people were writing to FIFA over Kamanga and nothing came out of it.

The General Secretary, who himself is a senior police officer, said Kamanga was ready to exculpate himself on any matter when called upon.

Kashala said once FIFA finds someone guilty of wrong doing it bans and the law takes its course.

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