FAZ Nabs Fake Replica Dealers, 11 Put Behind Bars

Fake replicas on display

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has swung into action confiscating an assortment counterfeit replicas with 11 suspects put in police custody.

Fake replicas displayed

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala told a media briefing that law enforcement agencies rounded up dealers in town who were peddling goods bearing the FAZ logo.
Kashala said the FAZ logo was registered under PACRA.
The 11 people would be prosecuted through the courts of law.

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In February a Chinese national, Huang Bing of Makeni was handed a nine month sentence for selling 26 Chipolopolo replica jerseys worth K3, 600.

Fake replicas displayed

Huang, 43, a businessman admitted before Magistrate Greenwell Malumani that on January 20 he sold jerseys which bore a false trademark.

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Among the confiscated counterfeit products were Kappa, Mafro, Nike and KoPa.

Fake replica

Kashala said that as long as they bore the FAZ logo, law enforcement agencies would take interest.

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