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LUAPULA Division two clubs have petitioned the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to postpone the provincial elections set for tomorrow to a later date.

The petition has been signed by 14 clubs out of the 16 in the region.

Last Saturday, FAZ announced April 13 as the date for their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will be preceded by provincial assemblies that will elect four delegates each to attend the conference in accordance with its constitution.

FAZ set February 8 to March 4 as dates for provincial elections.

But according to the appeal by the Luapula Division 2 clubs yesterday, the region is incapable of hosting the elections this Friday.

Among the complaints raised in the appeal include the failure by FAZ to give a 21-days’ notice as constitutional requirement.

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“ We wish to appeal against the dates of the said meeting which was supposed to take place on 8th February ,2019 because of the following reasons: The electoral code of conduct not available (FAZ), the disqualifications of candidates to stand for elections, time frame given is too short, the number of people from each club to participate in the election and venue where the said elections will be held as clubs in Luapula,”

“As clubs in Luapula province, we feel that the said meeting be pushed to a later date to enable us prepare ourselves adequately,” it read.

And Ipusukilo club president Albert Mainsa confirmed in a phone interview the need to defer the elections.

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Mainsa said the provincials were important as councillors will have a task to choose leaders to run the affairs of the football in Luapula province.

“As things are, football in Luapula has gone down and we need ample time to assess the candidates for whatever positions. We are talking of the people that will run Luapula province and not merely Mansa town. Councillors need time to know the people contesting and listen to their respective manifesto, and that cannot be done in just four days,” he said.

He hinted his desire to contest the elections.

FAZ communications manager Desmond Katongo could not confirm recipient of the said petition while the general secretary Adrian Kashala’s phone went unanswered.

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The clubs that appended their signatures to the petition are Samfya Rocket, Health Stars, Chipembe, Mutende, Superade, Mansa Wanderers, Bangweulu and Mwense Young Stars. Others are Kawambwa Rangers, Ubwe Modern Stars, Kawambwa Modern Stars, Mansa Sugars, Kashikishi Warriors and Ipusukilo.

The two missing signatures are those of Mulundu Panado and Kapab clubs.


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