Following the Executive Committee meeting of October 2017, the decision to create an independent sports brand, wholly owned by FAZ, was made in line with the objective of increased revenue generation and full control of the value chain.

This is the first step by the Association to grow its commercial arm and to create additional, profitable revenue streams.
The brand, named KoPa, represents the best of Zambian football and the new Zambia kit is a true reflection of all the positive attributes in the Zambian game.

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The new kit will be unveiled at the CHAN tournament in Morocco and the distribution of replica jerseys will begin shortly after.
The KoPa brand will be manufactured to international standard, will be available to FAZ members, other sporting associations and institutions and the general public, at affordable prices to meet the needs of the market.

The growth opportunities for the brand stretch beyond Zambia’s borders and an international variant of the brand will be available to clients in overseas markets.

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FAZ would like to also take this opportunity to caution members of the general public to desist from purchasing counterfeit jerseys that are currently flooding the market.
The Association will therefore, inform members of the general public when the new national team jersey is on the market.

For and on behalf of:
Desmond Katongo

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