Fashion Sakala on his kneels
By Gustaviour Tembo

“FASHION SAKALA has great potential to become one of Africa & World ‘s good players”. The young footballer has envied skill, fighting spirit, physicality, intelligence & brilliance needed for ‘what it takes’ to be a good or even best Soccer Player but what has been, & is still fighting him is being created by himself. And that is PERPETUAL SELFISHNESS! Fashion Sakala’s selfishness is mostly at 3 levels:

1. Fashion seems as if he wants to make the name for himself too faster than supposed. Too quick than normal & than his peers hence making more unnecessary mistakes along the way. On contrary, in the game of football, it is a gradual process for one to make a big name for himself.

2. Fashion always wants to be the one on the scoring sheet & this desire deprives his team mates clear scoring opportunities hence the whole team is staved of goals and glory. This desire to be always on the scoring sheet makes him to hold the ball for so long than he should which results into losing the ball time & again. In other words ‘Wasting opportunities’.

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3.Fashion, in his quest to be always on the scoring sheet & making a big name for himself faster, he makes less assists to his colleagues (team mates), shoots on goal when not in a right position hence many of his shots go off target.

If the aforesaid observations continue, Fashion Sakala risks;
(a) Fans, fellow team mates, technical bench & good clubs will lose confidence in him.
(b) He will not stay longer in Europe & no bigger club will have an eye for him hence coming back to Zanaco FC for local business as usual.
(c) In his football career, he would not attain higher benefits as expected.
My worry & probably the worry of many others is; Fashion has been making the same mistake (selfishness) since the under 20 cup games, during Wada Wada’ s time & during the game against Namibia which was played on 8th Sept 2018.
Now, one would wonder if Fashion learns from his past mistakes or if at all his friends advise him on same mistakes he makes. Though I am sure that such are discussed during post match analysis. On the other hand, one would wonder if Fashion has a personal mentor & on what is this mentorship based on if his same mistakes are recurring.

Sakala rounded by Germany players during the u20 world cup
“No sooner will Fashion Sakala work on the aforementioned negative observations than he will make it as one of the good or best players in Zambia, Africa or in the World at large.
Being still young, HE STILL HAS ROOM TO CORRECT HIS CONTINUAL MISTAKES (high school mistakes).
Having said the above points, Best Wishes Fashion. We love you!

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