By Punch Chama

Power Dynamos yesterday unveiled their coach Kelvin Kaindu infront of the media which they did a good job of but the players unveil was below par and Power as well as many other Zambian clubs need to do better in this regard.

As a Sports Marketer I take keen interest in player unveilings as it sets the tone for the rest of the season and also can either encourage fans or discourage them.

If the picture of the player unveiling was to talk what it speaks is four players who look less than happy to have joined Power Dynamos.

The players are neither smiling or engaging and it looks like Power Dynamos was not the first choice of club they wanted to join.

The UNVEILING of a player should give the club the opportunity to show the player smiling, focussed, or looking like they are ready for the challenge.

Power failed in this regard and made a number of KEY MISTAKES which are…


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The unveiling was done in a corporate environment with the sponsors and owners of the clubs present.

While there is nothing wrong in that for an unveil its not the right place and a lot of footballers can be uncomfortable if you take them out of their natural environment.

The right place for a football player where he feels most comfortable and this is either the Football pitch, around the Stadium, team bus or the changing rooms ( Philipe Coutinho’s unveil was done in the NOU CAMP Changing Room).


In the Video of the Power Dynamos unviel you can clearly see the players seated behind and this was a huge mistake.

Making the players sit behind gives the signal that they are a by the way thing and not the main feature of the event.

In any player unviel the player should be THE MAIN FEATURE and not a by the way thing as players get more facetime on TV than the Coach or any football official.

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The PLAYER should be the MAIN Product of any Football clubs and Power Dynamos and many other Zambian clubs miss this IMPORTANT Factor.


Probably the biggest mistake of all was to make the players do a group unveil instead of using individual photos of the players with a Power backdrop.

Players sign contracts as individuals and not as groups and by grouping them you make the players feel less special as when they signed they think that they have been brought on for their attributes.

Group Unveils are a BIG NO in football.

These are some of the Big mistakes that Power Dynamos made in the unveil and please note that Ive not said that the Power players are unhappy to join but that their appearance gives the view that they are not happy.

Ive also attached photos of other unveils including a Zambian one and you can see the difference starting with former Manchester United midfielder Henrick Mkhitarian who was in a swop deal to Arsenal and is beaming in the photo and Ghanian Champions Aduana Stars unveiling defender Paul Aidoo as well as Lusaka Dynamos Aubrey Funga who joined the club last year in June.

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While an unveiling may seem a trivial matter it has a big impact in football marketing aspects and Powers unveiling may also transmit a message to other players that it may not be the place to go to if the new players are not smiling and also to potential new fans ( Broader than just those within the clubs Geographical Location) that the players dont look happy and may not perform.

Otherwise the UNVEIL was a SERIOUS MISS.

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