Zambia Celebrate Cosafa win
By Punch Chama
Firstly one needs to congratulate Aggrey Chiyangi on the good job and on his first title in his first tournament in charge.

Aggrey Chiyangi

With few days to prepare the team for the match you could see that Chiyangi set up his side to defend well and rely on the odd goal upfront.

Seeing that Chiyangi only had 3 days to prepare the team he took the right approach and for such a short tournament you cant coach a side on coordination but if you get your defending right you can do well.

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Over all the tactical approach worked well and thats why Zambia are champions.


The selection of players was good and Aggrey chose to play more players who defend and always fight the ball and it explains why ball players like Bruce Musakanya played a limited role as he doesnt always defend.

Austin Muwowo on the ball

The only down side was Chiyangi’s lack of felxibility from changing from 4-2-2 to other formations and sticking to the same formation.

Its one of the reasons why Austin Muwowo kept on being substituted as he would drift inside to his prefered number 10 position when the plan was for a winger who stays at the line and delivers the cross.

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Zambia Celebrate Cosafa win
Two defensive midfielders in a 4-4-2 only works well if your wingers are delivering enough balls in the box and for the most part the two of Muwowo and Ernest Mbewe didnt deliver enough balls in the box and the midfield was overun resulting in too many turn overs for Zambia who lost a lot of possession.


The end justifies the means and Aggrey did a good job and a number of members of this squad like Sebastiuen Mwange Thandi Mwape, Benson Sakala and Tapson Kaseba to name a few did a good job and should get a look into the main team.

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