Nkana Football Club president Evaristo Kabila has described Walter Bwalya S Binene and his agents behaviour as being disrespectful.
But Bwalya’s manager Jose Ntumba has directed Nkana to respect the player’s decision to join his club of choice.

Kabilia said he was not against Bwalya making a move but was against the manner in which the player was handling the transfer.

“We shall not negotiate with them until they bring Walter back and handle the transfer in a proper and professional manner, his return to Zambia is part of the condition to negotiate,” Kabilia said.

He said there was something dubious about Bwalya’s move to Algeria hence his agent sneaking him out of the country.
Kabila said Nkana did not know the agent Bwalya was dealing with and warned that the player can be duped if not careful.

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Walter has been spotted in Algeria
“The problem is with Walter himself, let him be truthful, is it the money they have given him that is confusing him? I know what they are trying to do here. They are in Algeria but they will end up taking him to France where there is a bigger offer,” Kabilia said.

Kabila said he has called Bwalya several times to advise him to do things the right way.

“I have tried talking to the boy, advising him to do things the right way but it’s up to him. If he doesn’t want to listen, I can’t do anything,” he said.

Asked on reports from an Algeria media website that the MA Alger were offering US$150,000 instead of theUS$200,000, Kabila declined having ever been in talks with the Algerian side.

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“We don’t know them and never held talks with them, it doesn’t even make sense that we could be demanding US$200,000 when we have clubs offering much more than US$600,000,” Kabila said.

And Bwalya’s manger José Ntumba said the player has a release clause and can leave Nkana to join Algeria side.

According to an Algeria website LeButeur, Ntumba expressed confidence the deal will be sealed with Bwalya joining MC Alger where the fans have given him a warm reception already.

He said a solution will be found for this transfer controversy as Bwalya had in his contract a release clause.

“I am very confident about the transfer of Bwalya, You know,there is asolution for every problem. I also want to point out that Bwalya has a professional contract contrary to what is being said …I can confirm there is a release clause in Bwalya’s contract,” Ntumba said.

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Ntumba said he was confident that Bwalya’s transfer will materialise and the player will join the Algerian side as he wishes.

“We must respect the choice of Bwalya who wants to play for MC Alger,” Ntumba said.

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