The ZESCO United Football Club (ZUFC) brand has grown across the entire African continent and in some parts of Europe due to it’s positive performance both in the local and international leagues respectively. Because of this growth, the club has decided to trademark its products through registration with the Patents and company Registration Agency. (PACRA)

ZUFC wishes to inform its Fans, Sponsors and other partners that the Club has been granted a conditional acceptance to trademark its products as bellow:

1. ZUFC LOGO TM Class 16

2. ZUFC LOGO TM Class 25

3. ZEGA MAMBO TM Class 25

4. TEAM YAZIKO TM Class 25

The trademark acquired will help the club realize its full potential in growing its brand through various club merchandisers and stop counterfeit products on the market.

The trademark rights granted to ZUFC will, therefore have no coercion but to ensure Intellectual property law is enforced and bring to an end all counterfeit products that have been selling on the market.

We would also like to state that it is not allowed to use ZUFC Logo TM, Team Yaziko TM
and Zega Mambo TM for commercial Purposes without due authority from the Licensee.

ZESCO United Football Club will therefore take action for persons using its brand without permission.

Issued by:

Richard Mulenga- Chief Executive officer


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