BUILDCON FC secretary general Ricky Mamfunda says the Southern African region is not performing as it is supposed to in terms of football.

Speaking on a radio sports programme in Zimbabwe where Buildcon are on a three week off-season camp, Mamfunda said the region’s lack of funding in soccer was negatively affecting the quality of play.

“In terms of value addition…It’s very important for players like the Zimbabwean players to be part of the Zambian league so that we can also strengthen the region because the SADC region, we are not doing so well compared to our colleagues in the north and western part of Africa,” Mamfunda said.

“So we hope that with this coordination, the teams in the SADC region and the twinning of teams from various countries will help develop the game in the region.”

Ricky Chisenga Mafunda
He further stressed that soccer had become a source of livelihood and lack of sponsorship was affecting the SADC region.

“Football is no longer a social game, it is a big business, so it calls for prudent management of all aspects of the game. What we have been lacking is serious investment from the corporate world and individuals to the game. Also the players themselves need to realise that this is a career that can help him to develop a future and look after his own family,” said Mamfunda.


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