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The Football Association of Zambia Disciplinary Committee has passed rulings in six (6) cases with Real Nakonde ordered to pay a fine of K25, 000 for boycotting five league fixtures at the opening of the 2019 transitional season.

The club has been sanctioned with a reminding members to adhere to disciplinary procedures as stipulated in the constitution.
In a Week 2 game between Kanlions Football Club and Chawama United Football Club the game was abandoned in the 75th minute due to unruly behavior by club officials and players. Based on the referee’s report and submissions by the clubs – the committee has awarded Kanlions FC a three – nil win and Chawama United has been fined K5,000.

Kawama Hotspurs had submitted a complaint against Pabs FC regarding stadium security and fan violence. During a week 3 game they face intimidation and vulgar language from Pabs FC officials and supporters but the referees report did not verify the incidence of violence and the case was dismissed.

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Musuano Football FC had their case dismissed in a complaint against Mkushi Millers FC who fielded players that did not have player identification cards. It was ruled that the referee was in order to allow the Week One game following consultation with the FAZ Registrar who verified that player identification cards had not yet been given to the club.

Tazara Rangers Football Club have been fined K10,000 following an abandoned Week 6 game. Chindwin Sentries FC have been accorded a win by a 3-nil score following player violence on a referee and pitch invasion by Forest Ranger fans that resulted in the match being abandoned in the 82” minute.
In a week 11 match abandoned in the 75th minute – a referees’ report and video evidence demonstrated violence on a match official and pitch invasion by club officials. The committee has awarded Real Nakonde FC a win by three – nil and Kabwe Youth Soccer Academy FC has been fined K10,000.

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The Football Association of Zambia wishes to inform the public that all other disciplinary cases will be tabled on 4 May 2019, while any other cases that may ensue will be handled before the end of the transitional season.
We call on clubs to remain focused and competitive and avoid engaging themselves in malpractices which has the potential to compromise the integrity of the association and that of the game in particular.

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The association will not be kind to administrators who may be found wanting as serious measures will be taken against them through the judicial bodies.

For and on behalf of:
Mwazi Chanda


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