Monze Swallows Fc
By Punch Chama

Ive noted with concern that New Monze Swallows are asking well wishers for money to participate in the ZSL.

This is a source of worry and seriously New Monze Swallows or any other club that is struggling to raise funds should not be allowed to participate in the ZSL.

The reason is simple and that’s because a club which has no money threatens the integrity of the league as they could withdraw midseason and all points that clubs got against them will be erased which essentially would mean all the matches shown on Supersport involving them didnt really take place.

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My own experiences as a former football administrator at Lusaka Dynamos showed me that a club can not execute a full season with less than K200,000 for away matches.

This is minus other costs such as Salaries, Bonuses, stadium, pitch rentals ( For a Club without a Stadium) etc.

Infact You cant execute a successful season in the ZSL without less than K2 Million.

If you spend less than K1 Million it means you are not paying your players and K1 Million is still nothing in the ZSL and still not enough to execute a full season.

FAZ should introduce what other leagues do in that at the beginning of every season each club has to have a minimum amount in their Bank Account.

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From my own experiences Id say that the amount should be not anything less than K300,000 ( Just to cover costs of all away games).

As much as this sounds mean to clubs like New Monze Swallows they should not be allowed to compete if they don’t manage to meet the minimum requirements as we dont need WALKOVERS in the ZSL.

The issue of walk overs doesnt look serious to some but those who remember the days of walkovers in Zambias top league will recall how the competition in the league deteriorated and sponsors pulled out and if one thinks about it this in turn affects the Zambia National Team eventually.

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Read Now:  Chingalika Down Maite to Send Them Into Relegation Waters


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