City of Lusaka Football PLC is concerned about the unauthorized use of its football club’s name for purposes of membership subscription, fundraising and soccer matters.

The City of Lusaka Football Club PLC will not accept any responsibility and liability arising out of payments to, services rendered, or business and banking performance with unauthorized persons.

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City of Lusaka Football Club is owned by the City of Lusaka Football Club PLC as a soccer team which plays in the Football Association of Zambia leagues. It is NOT a separate legal person. It exists at the pleasure of the Company.

The City of Lusaka Football Club PLC recently restructured the administration of its Club to conform to the Football Association of Zambia’s Club Licensing requirements and registered it for the 2018 season.

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City of Lusaka Football Club PLC is a registered public company of Pacra in Zambia.

Simataa Simataa
General Manager
Phone: 097 778 6400


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