Simataa Simataa
CONFUSION at City of Lusaka has continued with the Simataa Simataa-led faction now banning the Justine Zulu-led executive committee from using Vodafone Woodlands Stadium.

General Manager Simataa Simataa has banned rival City of Lusaka faction from entering Woodlands Stadium premises.

As the war over control of City of Lusaka rages on, recently, the warring factions unveiled two sets of coaching benches.

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The Simataa group which is called the City of Lusaka Football Club PLC appointed George Kapembwa as boss while the City of Lusaka executive appointed Francis Majaka.

The Simataa group has now banned Zulu and members of his executive from entering the premises of Woodlands Stadium.

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But a letter dated 26th January, 2018 now circulating on social media states in part, “Please note you are being afforded the opportunity to appeal the prohibition which is to be submitted in writing and delivered to myself, ” Simataa’s letter states.

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