By Punch Chama

Firstly one has to understand that Lusaka Dynamos mission is to become one of the best clubs in Africa and as such a club you have to survey the market and see how much players salaries and transfers go for.

Mugalu was the top scorer in the ZSL so as such he would be sought after by many clubs in Zambia and outside.

Chris Mugalu
A best strikers across some African Leagues cost anything between $400,000 – $200,000.

So in order for Lusaka Dynamos to get an equally top striker they would have to spend that much.

Salaries of such players are between $7000- $3000 per month minus other benefits.

Remember that if you want to transfer a top player then the transfer money’s have to fund the next player you are brining in.

Now if Lusaka Dynamos had to sell Mugalu for say $300,000 which is K3 Million that seems like a lot of money but it isn’t.

Lusaka Dynamos would have to spend $200,000 to bring in another similar player and then for arguments sake give him a 3 year contract and pay him $5000 a month which would be $180,000 for three years.

This is minus other incentives and allowances which could bring up the figure to $500,000 of which the short fall of $120,000 LD would have to fork out of their own pockets.

Already that would be a poor transfer move from LD.

For LD they are just being business minded and it’s better because you may find that the club runs out of money but with the money from the previous transfer fee they are assured of money throughout the duration of the player/s contract.

It’s a golden rule in football to let your player sales to fund other transfer activities.


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