By Barnabas Roberts Zulu Jr

Those who went to Levy Mwanawasa stadium yesterday or those of us who followed the live proceedings of the Ndola derby between Buildcon and Zesco United, would certainly agree with me that 2012 Africa Cup winning star Chisamba Lungu, is still in active form and one wonders why those charged with the responsibility of selecting players have continued to axe this great talent from our national team.

The way Chisadinho controls and commands the ball is so excellent and exceptional such that both Zesco United and Buildcon fans, who attended yesterday’s match, will at least have something to remember about the derby, which I think in few years time will attract great attention from fans across the country.

His passes are something which the Zambian football fans have missed for a long time and those of us who watched closely we thought it was another Lionel Messi.

As if that was not enough, the former Russian based midfield maestro, has excellent leadership traits and at some point I was made to wonder how he caught himself up in the hands of Jerabos, who allegedly attacked him a fortnight ago.

The way Chisamba controlled his teammates who confronted Janny Sikazwe, when he was about to flash a red card to Zimbabwean international Devon Chaffa, was exemplary and an indication that he is a law abiding citizen.

It is now the responsibility of those charged with the mandate of selecting players to the national to heed to fans advice and recall this great talent based on merit, not any other issues.


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