Power Dynamos
By Cephas Mkandawire
Big institutions go through deeps and highs. It’s how they get out of the troughs that make them stronger and great. The best boxers have been punched before but they get back to win bigger bouts.

Big clubs and national teams like Real Madrid, Ijax Amsterdam, Germany, Spain and even Brazil have had their low spells. They have since learnt lessons and invested brains in rebuilding their great teams.

Tiger Woods has just bounced back after a bad spell where he suffered redicules even from those who can’t even swing their arms and hardly know the golf rules. He remained focused. So will the Power Dynamos.

The Power Dynamos, is that team which has never been relegated to lower divisions since it was established. It has just entered a transition phase to be a better and more formidable side. Power remains the envy of many local critics and destructors. Let them talk because that is the only art they have. We appreciate constructive criticism. However, storms are normal in life and better structures are only built after such upheavals.

Tell them that we have a better Society House in Lusaka after the first one that housed Radio Phoenix was gutted. Likewise Power Dynamos will be reinforced and refurbished too to win another CAF trophy that has eluded other teams in Zambia and Africa. We trophy cabinet will be richer.

We the Power Dynamos family shall stand with our side in whatever circumstances and as we seek long-term glory over the minions currently enjoying candy even when they have no food to sustain them in the long run.



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