The Barca Lusaka Academy U14 player, Japhet Sakala, is a less privileged boy coming from a humble background in Kalingalinga compound in Lusaka who has been given an opportunity not because of his status, but his skill.

After helping the Zambian Academy finish as runners-up in the Barcelona World Cup, the talented boy had an opportunity of meeting the world’s best player Lionel Messi of Argentina, striker Luiz Suarez, Spain top central defender Gerrard Pique, Brazil’s Continho and many other Barcelona players.

According to Barcelona policy, 20℅ of the academy population should be given to skillful and talented player who are under privileged.

And Barcelona academy Lusaka play friendly games with community soccer academy teams to identify the talented and under privileged kids which they take to be part of the academy.

This academy has almost 50 kids who are under privileged but talented coming from placed like kalingalinga, chipata, and Ng’ombe.


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