By Bwezani Mbewe
A closer look at the names appearing on the CAF list of the ZESCO UNITED, is a story worth examining at least from what one might describe as the eagle eye.

Have we been myopic in our observation of Zega Zega as a team to beat?

Zesco United celebrates

Three seasons in a row we have seen this team in shape and continuity practically saying Zesco is not evolving at all. They are actually refusing to grow and they have chosen to remain were they are.

While we sing praises of this team as the most organised and efficient, wont it be just just right to think their recent success is somewhat got to do with other teams having remaining static too? And come to think of it ZESCO United has actually gone a lot of steps backwards.

This is not rocket science, except for a few departures and here and their tickering with the coaching department. Zesco is probably going in reverse direction.


When you look at their success in the CAF Champions League, to suddenly see them in group stages of CAF Confederation sends alarm bells. By any measure we expected Zesco to be challenging for CAF Champions League title.

Goal Keeper – Jacob Banda needed some serious competition and the view in the future otherwise we expect trouble in the coming season.

If Goalkeeping department has issues , the midfield has serious issues. We still have players for now and not tomorrow . The team still expects the best of Kondwani Mtonga, Mwape Mwelwa and Misheck Chaila…. We all saw and experienced the challenges that these players exhibited the last season and expecting them to be on top of their game will be expecting too much.

The 31 year old Thabani Kamusoko is the only new name in that department and he is already on the other side of the career. Again , nothing for tomorrow but today.

Anyone expected Zikiru to be brought back from Forest Rangers in the striking department but once again the team has decided to stay in the past and hope Winston Kalengo can rewind the gone years. If it happened to James Chamanga with Red Arrows , doesn’t mean it will happen with ZESCO UNITED.

Not much is known of Kasumba Umaru apart from the number of goals he scored while playing for Sofapaka in Kenya.

Yes it doesn’t inspire for now and should other teams take advantage and up their game, ZESCO United would have been caught up.

Its easier to work for your success and this team worked for their success to reach were they are . Not anymore, things look tough and keen followers of this team should be worried.

Let’s see how this unveils

Unfortunately to other teams, ZESCO United is a yard stick otherwise with better vision they could start leapfrogging the United team.

Yet ZESCO United themselves don’t have the two to three year plan itself , at least for now based on their purchases and exchanges of index as observed in the off season transfer market.

The club for me failed to buy into the vision of the past EXCO which looked more of the results of today and tomorrow. This they will have to do the soonest before other teams catch up with the United euphoria.

Zesco training

Follow the trend of teams in the Super League history and you will believe ZESCO united is almost at that level were they ha e to give IP leadership.

Iam an Observer


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